Savannah From the Sky

Beautiful drone footage of one of my favorite cities. ❤

Grief Happens

A friend posted the following video on Facebook, and I thought it was very cool.

Ian Mercer is the photographer and he took this with a drone and edited on his iPhone (according to his Vimeo blurb.)

I don’t know much about drones, but I’m becoming more intrigued when I see results like these. Piers got an inexpensive drone for Christmas, and the kids had a blast playing around with it until it got stuck in the trusty oak outside our front window. Before that incident, I was able to get a taste of what they can do along with the unique perspectives one can observe with aerial footage.

Because of the work Gil does in Savannah, we’re often privy to off-the-wall photography from atop various job sites, and this video further enhanced my love affair with Savannah from the sky.


(The music compliments the video well, but for…

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Savannah On My Mind

I have been obsessed with the idea of visiting Savannah since I first saw the Clint Eastwood helmed movie Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil based on the non-fiction book by John Berendt. So when my husband and I were trying to decide how to celebrate my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary this July, I suggested that we go for a long weekend to Savannah. We’d heard from friends of its storied beauty and romantic ambiance, and with the pre-civil war architecture so exquisitely highlighted in Eastwood’s movie, we both figured it would be a great place to get away. As Northerners who usually spend our vacations on the West Coast, we hadn’t anticipated the heat wave that would strike while we were in the South. All in all, it was a great trip, and despite being soaked with sweat by noon every day, the sights alone were worth it with the food being the icing on the cake. We will most definitely be back, as we were unable to see everything we wanted to in the short time we were there. It’s just that we will go during the Spring or Fall months. Word to the wise!

Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home

Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home

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City Market