Grad School Blues

I am starting my last year of graduate school, which is why I have been pretty much radio silent on this poor blog. (Thank you research papers). I will make a trip to Phoenix in two weeks and then on to the Philippines in December with my mother. I will post about both trips. I will also write-up a post about my trip to NOLA last May 2016. Gosh, I am so far behind! I look forward to finishing school next may and doing lots more traveling and eating (and drinking!) in the future.

Savannah From the Sky

Beautiful drone footage of one of my favorite cities. ❤

Grief Happens

A friend posted the following video on Facebook, and I thought it was very cool.

Ian Mercer is the photographer and he took this with a drone and edited on his iPhone (according to his Vimeo blurb.)

I don’t know much about drones, but I’m becoming more intrigued when I see results like these. Piers got an inexpensive drone for Christmas, and the kids had a blast playing around with it until it got stuck in the trusty oak outside our front window. Before that incident, I was able to get a taste of what they can do along with the unique perspectives one can observe with aerial footage.

Because of the work Gil does in Savannah, we’re often privy to off-the-wall photography from atop various job sites, and this video further enhanced my love affair with Savannah from the sky.


(The music compliments the video well, but for…

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