Savannah From the Sky

Beautiful drone footage of one of my favorite cities. ❤

Grief Happens

A friend posted the following video on Facebook, and I thought it was very cool.

Ian Mercer is the photographer and he took this with a drone and edited on his iPhone (according to his Vimeo blurb.)

I don’t know much about drones, but I’m becoming more intrigued when I see results like these. Piers got an inexpensive drone for Christmas, and the kids had a blast playing around with it until it got stuck in the trusty oak outside our front window. Before that incident, I was able to get a taste of what they can do along with the unique perspectives one can observe with aerial footage.

Because of the work Gil does in Savannah, we’re often privy to off-the-wall photography from atop various job sites, and this video further enhanced my love affair with Savannah from the sky.


(The music compliments the video well, but for…

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